Aug 31, 2009

Blog Yummies and a Cutie Pie

HAPPY MONDAY! - My blogging buddy Kerry is doing a Blog Yummy giveaway and the prize is really cool (I want that Drippy Goo punch) head on over and check it out here: Don't you love the delicious treats she posted first to peak your interest. Too bad cake's don't mail well.

And for your viewing pleasure here I've included a picture of our little Cutie Pie, Coleen that I took recently at our city park.

Have a great day.


Elena said...

Coleen is very cute and very beautiful little girl!
Thank you so much for sharing this picture, Ida!

Nicole said...

Hey Ida! I saw what you wrote on "j"'s blog today and I agree with you! Just wanted to tell ya that and SAY HI too!!

hugs, Nicole

Kerry D-C said...

Heehee! Coleen looks adorable posing for her photo shoot!

Sankari W. said...

What a total cutie pie!!! I wish that cakes could be mailed too - because those cakes are amazing!