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Jul 7, 2008

Cattitude Monday - A Tale of 3 Cats

For this

weeks Cattitude Monday entry I am sharing another Hallmark Card with you.  I've had this one in my collection for some time.  I'm calling it, Homespun Kitty because it just has that homespun country feel about it.  The card is also embossed which gives it a nice, rich feel and look.

I'm also sharing a tale of 3 cats with you today.  It all started late Friday night about 7:00 pm when our newest little kitten, Harley suddendly decided to get sick. My hubby and I were sitting in our living room and I had just gotten up to take some paper plates into the kitchen when Harley started to gag and make that sound cats do when they are about to hurl. Yes, I know this is gross but I managed to hold the paper plate under his mouth while he proceed to up chuck his cat food thus avoiding a nasty stain on our brand new carpeting.  At first we thought he just ate to quickly but then he started getting sick again so we took him into our bedroom and put him in the bathroom with the door closed.  He was one sick little kitty for about an hour as he threw up about 5-6 times.  We finally discovered the problem was due to his ingesting of all things a large 1/2" size rubberband!  By the time we got home from the fireworks display he was feeling much better and romping through the house like he always does.  This is a picture of Harley and Callie-Jo sleeping together that I took last week.  Aren't they sweet looking?

The other saga took place today when I got back from the grocery store and found Greta and my mom outside searching for our cat, Snickers.  It seems that Coleen had accidentally left the door partially open and Dottie & Snickers got out.  Greta found Dottie in my flower beds and got her inside but Snickers was no where to be found.  We were all out combing the neighborhood trying to find her as we knew she would be scared to death.  She's an "indoor" cat and strange noises frighten her so we didn't think she would go very far and in the end she hadn't as my hubby found her in some weeds a house away when he heard a faint mewing sound.  She was scared to death and when he went to grab her she bolted from the weeds and high tailed it down our driveway and Greta let her inside.  It took her quite awhile to calm down and then she had to endure the indignity of getting a bath as well because she'd gotten into some greasy stuff where she was hiding.  Poor thing.  This is a picture of her when she's looking her very best.

That's my "tail" and I'm sticking to it!

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