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Nov 1, 2008

A GoodBye To Halloween

Well November has arrived and so has our "typical" Fall weather.  (Rainy and Gloomy).  I thought that today I would share a few photo's from Halloween 08 even though it's all said and done now.  I think life marches on so quickly sometimes and we often forget the "little" things that make it so special so I'm sharing a few photo's today that show how special life can be, I hope you enjoy them.

This is our sweet little Granddaughter Coleen all decked out in er Pink Fairy costume.  Her mom bought it while "pink" was still her favorite color. She has since moved on to the color blue but it was to late to change costumes to suit her ever changing favorite color!  Doesn't she look innocent? (If only that were true)LOL.
Next up is my great nephew and his mom (Andrew and Shelby).  He's the Incredible Hulk.  My niece works in a bank and they all had to dress up for the day.  She certainly looked different but rather cool in her Gothic Princess outfit.
Lastly here is a picture of all the pumpkins we carved. The cat on the end was done by Greta (our daughter) and Coleen.  Next up is the Haunted House on the Hill which my hubby, Mike carved.  He always does the really intricate patterns from the book.  The Happy Smiley face is the pumpkin I carved for my mom.  She hates spooky so we always have to choose a non-scary pattern for her pumpkin.  Lastly I also carved the Pirate Skelton. My hand was getting a tad tired so Mike helped me finsh it up. 
In spite of a drizzly night we had quite a number of Trick-or-Treaters but not near the number that there use to be when Halloween was still a Safe Time to go out at night.  Now they have down town parties or candy give out from the stores and other places kids can go besides the door-to-door trick or treating that I did as a kid. 
Anyway I hope you have enjoyed these photo's as much as I did sharing them.


  1. Everyone looks great in their costumes!! The pumpkins look fab too!

  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures, Ida!
    Coleen is the sweetest Fairy! I can say that she is a Joy in your family!
    Love the costumes of your nephew and his mom!
    Your carved pumpkins look great!

  3. Great pictures, great memories. Those jack o lanterns are works of art! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hello Ida! Hope everything is going well!
    I have a blog award for you! Sorry if you already was nominated...