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Sep 28, 2010

Blog Award and Some Random Facts

Hi,  Wow, see this award.  My friend Mary ( The Charmed Life) gave this to me.  I am honored.  Mary is such a nice person.  We have become friends through our blogs and outside of blogging we e-mail each other back and forth just to chat about life and to encourage each other.  I really appreciate her friendship and the fact she faithfully visits my blog and always leaves such nice comments.

Now I'm suppose to tell 7 things about myself and pass this award on to 7 of my fellow Bloggers.  It's hard sometimes to think of things about myself that are interesting.  I'll try my best though.
1.  I don't like Jigsaw Puzzles as I find them really hard to work on as I don't seem to have the patience for them.  However I've discovered this website where you do puzzles on-line and would you believe I love doing them on the computer!
2.  I love a lot of Reality TV Shows.  I know, pretty bad huh.  My personal favorites,
The Bachelor/Bachlorette, Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and Amazing Race. Oh I almost forgot Food Network Shows (Iron Chef, Chopped).
3. I avoid any kind of road-kill.  I mean if it's flat out squished I'll still drive around it.  I would absolutely die (well maybe not)but I'd feel like it if I ever hit an animal of any kind.
4. I'm a fast talker.  I've trained myself over the years to slow down but the other day at bowling I must have been excited because one of the ladies told me to take a deep breath and slow down as I was talking a mile a minute and she was having a hard time keeping up with me.  I also talk very softly...see#5
5. I have super sensitive hearing (which is why I talk softly) and can hear things most people don't. 
6.  I can't stand driving in a car without the radio/cd player on.  Why?  Because of my super sensitive hearing (see #5)I can't stand all the weird little noises that cars make so I mask them by playing music.
7. I may have mentioned this at some point so if I have just chalk it up to bad memory.  I can feel my fingernails when they start to grow.  It's such a weird feeling.  Feels like someone is tugging on them.  I've heard that others can feel this too so I don't feel like I'm a "freak" anymore like I use to.

So now to my 7 Fellow Bloggers:
Lynn: The Mango Boys and Me  Lynn is a faithful reader as well.  I just love her Clean Style of Stamping and the wonderful way she shares about her faith and her family.
Elena: The Redhaired Girl  I love her blog and how creative she is.  She and I have become friends as well and email, write and occasionally chat on the phone.  It's just been a joy to have her for a friend.
Andrea: Andrea's Stampin Moments  First off she is a wonderful Stamper and I have been so blest by being a part of her DT for Annabelle Stamps.  You have to check out her blog.
Sue: Sue's Stamping Stuff  I love it when I find a blogger that lives somewhere close to where I live.  It means that maybe someday I might be able to meet them.  Plus Sue is a wonderful stamper, I adore her HouseMouse cards.
Sue W: A Consuming Passion: One of my fellow Annabelle DT members.  Love her work, check it out as I know you will love it too.
Allison: Stampin' When I Can  Her blog is fabulous, full of fun information, great cards and lately some awesome SB pages,  She has adorable kids and is so supportive.  She always leaves comments on my blog and has been very encouraging in helping me to be a better stamper.
Lori:  Inking Aloud  One of my fellow Blogger Challenge members.  She has a wonderful CAS style that I envy. 

Now they may or may not accept and post the random facts about themselves but I wanted to give them a shout out anyway.


  1. Ida,
    Wow...you absolutely made my day! thanks for awarding this to me. I loved reading about you too! I am a reality show junky too...although crafty time lately has put a damper on this!! Thank you again!!

  2. Hi Ida, thanks for this lovely award will post it to my blog real soon! Take care.x

  3. Thanks Ida! You're sweet! And BTW, I finally used my gift certificate you sent me last week (I know, huh?). I ordered a nestie set and will think of you each time I pull it out! I have no nanny today so maybe I will waste time and try to think of seven things! Me and the boy tried out the puzzle link last night but I think he only likes puzzles if there is a shark somewhere on it! Ha!

  4. Thank you so much for the award and kind words, Ida! It means a lot to me! You are a wonderful friend!!! :)