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Nov 9, 2007

Just Being Silly

Have you figured out yet what this is suppose to be? - Keep reading & you'll find out. See my husband has this really weird sense of humor at times and so I'm playing along with him. Lately whenever his French Vanilla creamer is out he's been writing little messages on the empty container and leaving it next to the coffee pot to remind me to get more. This morning the container was upside down with the words: "Dead" and "Belly Up" written on it.

So I suddenly had this brain storm to create a new container so of like how (Frankenstein) was created out of body parts (YUCK) but mine is less gross. I pulled off the tab on the old container and hot glued it on for the nose. Then added some eyes, a mouth (which is actually the grin of the Cheshire Cat) and some hair with bows. Coleen thinks my little doll is, "CUTE"...now let's see what hubby thinks!

Okay I know it's silly but that's part of the fun of being married to my husband...we are always doing silly stuff like this with each other. Hope you are amused too. Oh I almost forgot...

I'm calling her a "FRENCH TART!"