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Jan 28, 2008

A Winter's day

Well 2008 has really started out to be something else here in Walla Walla. First the horrible wind storm on January 4th and then yesterday we got hit with a snow storm. - Mind you I am so NOT a "winter" person so if it sounds like I'm whining & complaining I AM! - We had some freezing rain on Saturday night so it made going to church a little difficult yesterday morning and then when church let out it started snowing & it continued to snow the rest of the day. This morning my poor car had so much snow on it and dear hubby didn't think I was going to need to get out so he didn't shovel it off for me like he normally does. Oh well...as he did have to come home and help me get backed out of the drive so I could take Coleen to her pre-school. Most of the roads have been plowed so I was able to get around. I am just so looking forward to Spring and hope that this stuff doesn't last to long. I told hubby today WE NEED A GARAGE! - If we ever move from where we are living now that is my No.1 requirement for a new house, one that has a garage. It doesn't snow all that often here in Walla Walla but when it does I don't want to be out there shoveling the stuff off my car before I can drive anywhere. - Okay enough whining. Enjoy your day & stay warm.


  1. I feel ya on the winter storms, sista! We got another "dumping" today. Of course, not enough to close schools - at least mine. We had another day about 2 weeks ago that was pretty snowy, and they did close schools here in Nampa, but not in Meridian or Boise.
    We haven't had a winter this snowy in lots of lots of years (maybe 10). Just think, if it was a snow day, I could stay home and stamp! :) Oh the joy!
    Off to check out some of your cards!

  2. Wow Ida, you guys are really socked in. Wish I were there with you and a cup of hot buttered yum! We've had some lovely rain for a few days here in L.A. and it's nice to fall asleep at night with rain on the roof. L.A. would come to a stand still with an inch of snow!