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Mar 24, 2008

Cattitude Monday - A Bit of History

Here is a picture of my new kitten, Callie-Jo and one of our other cats, Dottie have a stare down with each other.

For this weeks entry I thought I would give you a little fact about an unnamed cat that helped out in a very special way here in Washington State. I learned this information when I visited the dam.

While many cats 'work' as mousers, one kitty who was nameless actually helped build a dam! When engineers were building the Grand Coulee Dam, they had trouble threading a cable through a pipe. Someone suggested a cat would do the trick. Engineers tied a rope to the cable, tied a string to the rope, and tied the string to this kitty's tail. This nameless kitty crawled through the pipeline and finished the job that the humans couldn't manage to do

Back later with something else to share.

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