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Apr 20, 2010

Lucky Me

Lookie what I got!  My hubby suprised me with this gorgeous flower basket for our Anniversary.  Since we have cats inside that love to eat plants/flowers he decided to buy me ones that they can't touch.  I love them.
We celebrated our 18th Anniversary on Sunday.  While it wasn't the most exciting day since we had to wait until evening to celebrate as we had Coleen all day we had a nice day.  I took him to see Clash of the Titans 3D as he'd never been to a 3D movie before.  We ate at Applebee's before the movie and had a nice evening out with each other.

Back later this week with stamping stuff.


  1. you are a blessed woman Ida-you have a husband who cares about such a special day as your anniversary-he did a great job picking out this beautiful basket of flowers-

  2. Congrats to you! And smart hubby getting appropriate flowers (I like it when they use their head!).

  3. Congrats to you! It is refreshing to hear of marriages that make it that long, I pray you will have many more! Beautiful flowers!!

  4. Happy Belated Anniversary, Ida! Sorry I am not on time...
    Very beautiful flowers you got! Glad that you had a nice evening togeher!