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Nov 1, 2010

Saying "So Long" to Halloween

Gosh it's over already!
Would you believe that we saw a commercial on TV last night advertising something for Christmas.  GOOD GRIEF! -  I don't know about you but personally I think that's a bit much.

Anyway as a last tribute to Halloween here is a link to some fun Halloween kids.

Also check out what my dear friend Elena sent me:

Isn't that just adorable!  I loved it.  Her coloring is fantastic and she paired this sweet image with some awesome papers.  I really liked the folded edge she created with the designer paper and the use of buttons.  So cute and so fun.
To top it off she sent this sweet little Milk Carton Treat holder (with treats inside!)

The treats didn't last long but I'll be treasuring this little holder for years to come. 
 One of the parts of the dp was too cute not to photograph so I did a close-up of it.

If you know me you know that I am somewhat afraid of spiders but these were just so much fun I couldn't resist showing them off.

Hope you all had a great Halloween.  The weather was actually decent and it had rained the night before and is raining today.  We had about 40-50 kids show up which wasn't too bad.  Still "loads" of candy left over though. 

Now it's on to the next holiday although I hate to say "good-bye" so soon.


  1. Thank you so much for showing it at your blog, Ida! I am so glad you liked it!
    Glad that the weather was better and you had some trick-or-treaters!
    This year we had lots of kids, almost run out of candy. :)