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Jan 17, 2014

Birthday Cards

It's birthday weekend here as my mom, Marian celebrates her 85th birthday on Saturday and my Granddaughter, Coleen celebrates her 9th birthday on Sunday.  I spent some time this week making their birthday cards. 

Here they are:

Mom's card:

E-mail me if you need information other then the stamps used.

Stamps, Floral image from Unity Stamps June 2013 Kit of the Month, sentiment from, 1994 Annette Allen Watkins (that is what was stamped on the side of the stamp)

Coleen's card:

Not much stamping here:  Sentiment is from Amuse Studio.
I found a cute felt monkey a few years ago and finally got around to putting it on a card.   Again if you want to know what else was used to make the card you can e-mail me.

Off to do some birthday shopping.


  1. Both cards are spectacular. I am fond of monkeys and I love the hula skirt on this one!

    Happy Birthday wishes to both!

  2. Both cards are spectacular. I am fond of monkeys and I love the hula skirt on this one!

    Happy Birthday wishes to both!

  3. Beautiful card for your Mom! And what an adorable felt monkey! :)

  4. Happy, happy birthday to your mom and Coleen! Both cards are perfect for them...love the gorgeous flowers for you mom and the sweet fun card for Coleen!

  5. Fabulous, Ida! I know you make great cards, but I always forget to stop by here. I'm at your other blog all the time. I need to put this one in Bloglovin. Your Mom's card is wonderful. I love the image which is both whimsical and beautiful. And that felt monkey for Coleen -- too dang cute!

  6. They will both be VERY happy!!! Wonderful cards!

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  8. I love the felt monkey. Just love looking at your cards. Could you get a Grab your button. I just started blogging and I want to follow you closely. I also found the website to make the button if interested. http://overboardcreations.weebly.com/tools--equip-for-bloggers.html

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    I check back to look at more beautiful cards. from a GYBP follower

  9. Nice card for your Mom. Nice Monkey card. Do you sell your cards. I used too.

    Oh my Granddaughter is 21 and she has loved monkeys. I had a friend make a monkey for her at age 12.

    Between her and Grandpa. It was Monkey cards to each other. Her being 21 she still phones and says. Can I speak to Monkey. My hubby of course. And the two still buy monkey cards for Birthdays. My hubby being 74. The child in him all because of Granddaughter Missy for short.

    She is in her third year of being a school teacher.