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Sep 10, 2007

Cattitude Monday - Gone to the Dogs!

What a morning...I was RUDELY awakened by the sound of snapping & snarling dogs (our dogs to be exact) I jumped out of bed and ran out the door to try to get them separated as they were really going at it. I finally managed to get one of them outside and the other one calmed down. After a few minutes I let the other dog back in & sat down to drink a cup of coffee when they started in on each other again. So I ran back out there & grabbed up the first thing I could find to bang on their dog gate to see if that would get their attention. Well needless to say it was our dust pan and it shattered into a bazillion pieces and they were still going at it. Worse yet was that the older dog had started to choke so I had to get the female away from him and try to help him breath. He's been having problems lately where he gets food stuck in his throat and chokes, even to the point of passing out. You have to grab him and shake him around until he starts growling as that seems to clear his air passages enough he stops the choking. He's getting old (almost 16) so I'm thinking we may have to switch to soft dog food before long. Since I'm allergic to both (cats & dogs) and haven't been taking my allergy shots the dogs really bother me so I ended up sneezing & sneezing for about 20 minutes. My morning has completely, GONE TO THE DOGS! My photos are of both dogs & one of the cats. I couldn't get a decent picture of the old white dog (Rebel) so you get a sort of spooky looking picture of him and our large cat, (Nuisance). In case your wondering we have a Chow (Angel) and an American Eskimo. (Rebel)

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