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May 6, 2010

absc21 - It's Prize Week

Hi! -  It's PRIZE week again at Annabelle stamps.  Here's what you could win,This is the Floral Stems stamp set available here:  All you have to do is create a card/layout using this sketch and post a link back to your card on the Annabelle Blog.  You have two weeks to get your challenge card in so get started on yours for a chance to win this wonderful set for FREE

Normally I would have a card ready to show you using this sketch but I've been a bit "under the weather" this week.  I woke up on Sunday morning at 4:00 am with a feeling that I couldn't breath and I was choking on something.  I got up for about an hour and then managed to go back to bed.  I went to church and felt okay but by mid-afternoon the gagging feeling had come back even worse.  I looked in the mirror and discovered that my Uvula (Do you know what that is?) was swollen and resting on my tongue.  I know TMI!  Very weird and very annoying.

Okay for those who don't know what a Uvula is here is a picture of your mouth:

Yep, it's that weird dangly thing in the back of your throat.  I was pretty freaked out about this and almost afraid to go to sleep Sunday night but I managed to fall asleep after doing some reasearch on the Internet and discovered this condition happens quite often.  Mainly to those who go out and party (heavy drinking) and smoke.  Neither of which I do by the way. 

There are other causes such as Strep Throat and Viral infections that can cause this to happen.  I went to the doctor Monday and was told that about the only thing I could do is "tough it out"by Gargling with Salt Water, sucking on ice chips, throat lozenges and taking Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling.  For this I paid $25!  -  I had read on the Internet that eating Ice Cream was a great way to reduce the swelling so I got some Dixie Cups and followed the rest of the doctor's advice.  I felt pretty crummy most of Monday and Tuesday and slowly started feeling better on Wednesday.  Needless to say I just didn't feel up to creating a card this week.  If I find time in the next couple of weeks I'll post a card using the sketch on my blog even though it will be late.

I'm sure you'll be able to gather plenty of Inspiration from my fellow DT members so don't forget to check out their cards/projects.

To all the "Mother's" out there have a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY weekend.  My MIL is coming down on Saturday and will be spending 2 weeks with us so I should be pretty busy with her here along with taking care of Coleen.


  1. Sorry to hear you've been unwell and hope you're feeling much better very soon. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Hope and pray that you are feeling better soon!

  3. Oh Ida--So sorry to read about your troubles--now I've learned something too--hope it's much better by now.
    Your card is lovely--the layout is GREAT and I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the plad wing on your birdie.
    Rest and take care of your self--also love your new blog look--very grunge!
    Hugs, Nola