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Aug 25, 2007

Music & Blog Header

First off I want to say that I blog for my own pleasure but I also hope you get some enjoyment as well out of my blog. I know there are a lot of people who don't care for music on blogs and that is understandable however...it is so easy to just turn the volume down on your computer so you don't get blasted away by the music. I for one have found it to be inspiring to me. In fact when creating the card this week for the Blogger's Challenge I logged on to my blog and just let the music play since the stereo in my stamp room doesn't play that well and I feel more inspired at times by having some music to listen too so for now I'm leaving my music up until I feel it's time to take it down.

Last week my blog header was a picture of Multnomah Falls, OR and I had several people comment on how pretty it was & asked where the picture was taken etc...I'm not sure how long it takes for my photo's to load but I enjoy having something other then a "generic" blog header and I can't afford to have someone design one for me so I do the pictures instead. This weeks photo is the Spillway at Bonneville Dam. I hope you enjoy it. - Ida


  1. wow - I LOVE the Eagles! Thanks for the easy listening...

  2. did you take that pic?? I sat staring at it when I first logged on - I'm always amazed with different pictures and this is no exception.

  3. The pictures are beautiful. How do you do that?