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Sep 26, 2008

Awards and Tags

If you are like me life sometimes gets away from you and you often just don't have the time to do everything that you'd like to do. Lately that has been the case for me. Sometime back I was given this award from Amy (Partners in Crimp) and I just was so bogged down with things that I had to hold off putting this on my blog and thanking her as well for nominating me.
There are "rules" with this award and while I don't normally do this today I am "breaking the rules" because there are just so many great blogs out there it doesn't seem fair to only pick 7. Instead I am sending you to this blog: http://stampinwhenican.blogspot.com/ and asking that you visit some of the Blog Finds she has posted. I've visited a number of times and have found some really wonderful blogs through this feature on her blog.
Also my new friend, Elena (The Red Haired Girl) tagged me. Again I am not tagging other bloggers but instead ask that when you visit a new blog you leave a nice comment as you never know just how much that will mean to the person. I know I always appreciate it when people stop by and leave comments on my blog.
As for the 7 Random Things about me...This is always a hard thing for me as I don't think I'm all that interesting but I'll give it a try.
1. I love to bake and of course eat what I bake...One time I made one of those Cherry Cheesecake Pies (from a mix) and ate the entire thing myself (took me 2 days) and afterwards I felt pretty sick but it was sure yummy while I was eating it.
2. Sometimes when I watch a scary movie I will squint my eyes or peek through my fingers when it starts to get really suspenseful. I guess I feel safer that way. 3. I don't know if I've shared this or not before but I've been told that I'm "gullible" and was once asked what time it was in the Metric System and my reply was, "How Would I Know?" - There's no such thing as Metric Time by the way.
4. I hate spiders..that's probably not a secret but did you know that my sister-in-law gave me one for a "Pet" once as a joke. Plus Tarantula's do not scare me. They are so HUGE that they just don't creep me out as much as smaller spiders do.
5. If I could travel anywhere in the world I want to visit, Ireland and I really have no clue why other then the fact that I love the John Wayne classic, (The Quiet Man) which was suppose to be set in Ireland and I've just always had a fascination with the idea of going there.
6. I stink at sports of all kinds. I can't swim (even though I took beginners lessons), I'm horrible at Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Archery, can barely Ice Skate, Couldn't master the Hula Hoop, Monkey Bars etc...but I can Bowl or at least I make an attempt and carry about a 150 average.
7.Everyone knows I love cats but I can name every cat I've ever owned: Boots, Tiger, Paws, Muttonhead, Rocky, Tumbleweed, Sagebrush (he got stolen) Spooky, Pumpkin, Trouble, Nuisance, Mischief, Snickers, Dottie, Blackie, Callie-Jo, Harley.
Okay hopefully if you read this you weren't to bored with my Random Facts...Now go find someone to tag or cheer up by leaving a comment on their blog.

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  1. Thank you, Ida, for the 7 facts about you! I think it is very nice idea of going to the blogs that Allison had descovered and leave a comment! I am trying to do as much as I can! I always happy to see when new faces on my blog! And thank you for the kind words about the sketches. I tried to do it one time, but the result was not as good as I wished to. By the way I also scary of scary movies and always close my eye when there is something scary!