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Sep 22, 2008

Is It Monday Already

Oh my I am so not ready for today...I hit a button before I was suppose to and immediately posted a blank (I just typed plank at first.) page that I had to go in and delete.  I wonder if it says the page has been published and I delete the post do you still get the original boo boo page?  I need more coffee!
So it's Monday and once again no Cat Card to show for "Cattitude Monday"  -  Trust me it probably wouldn't have looked that great anyway since I'm still recovering from my (whaever it is) illness.  I had a cold that went into my lungs and with Asthma it just makes things miserable.  I've been on antibiotics and such for a week now but still feeling run down, irritable and generally just not up to par. So I haven't really done much stamping.
I'm sharing some photo's though of our two newest furry friends.  Harley on the left in the nice clean blankets (what cat can resist warm blankets fresh out of the dryer) and Callie-Jo on the right having a really good stretch by the look on her face.
And finally....I give you our DOGS!  The one on the right is our Chow,
Angel and the one on the left looks suspiciously like our granddaughter, Coleen but I might be mistaken.
Notice how the tongue is even hanging out of her mouth!  She loves to pretend she's a cat or a dog (doesn't matter to her as she loves both)so much to the point that when you talk to her while she's being one of them she only barks or meows at you in reply.
Have a great day.  I'm going to try and get some stamping in today of some kind.  Off for another cup of coffee now.

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  1. Hello Ida! I got your message and I'll write you back today! It is understandble that you can't really think about stamping when you sick. Do you like honey? My mom always was giving me hot milk with honey! The honey is good for anyway. Hope you will feel better soon... I miss your cards... The pictures of the cats are so cute! And Coleen is the sweetest girl I've ever seen. Get well soon, promise?