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Jun 7, 2009

My Life - Pictures of the week

This past week was certainly interesting.  It started off on Monday with our dog, Angel going out to get a hair cut because we just haven't had the time to keep her properly brushed/combed.  Her fur was matted so the groomer ended up having to shave her.  Her she is with her new look.  She looks pretty silly.  Coleen expected her fur to grow back right away and was really surprised when she came the following morning to discover that Angel still looked, "funny".   Next up are a couple of more shots of some of our flowers - I say "our" flowers because my mom lives next door to Mike and I and we have a flower bed in the back where we park that is between both houses.  These are a couple of shots from that bed.  My mom takes care of this bed.  These shots were taken before the horrible Thunderstorms arrived later in the week and pretty much beat most of the plants to death.   The next two pictures are my husband, (Mike) and our Pastor (Dan) hard at work painting in the Sanctuary of what will soon be our new church.  We've been meeting in our local city Park in a small building there for about a year now and have pretty much outgrown it so now we've found and rented a much larger building but it needs a lot of work done to make it presentable.  Plans are to move in on June 28th so they have their work cut out for them the next couple of weeks.
Finally a couple of pictures of my niece, Krissy who just graduated from Nursing school today.  We are very proud of her as she has worked really hard to finish school while also holding down a part time job.  Now she faces the challenge of taking the State Boards but I know she'll do well and will make a wonderful nurse.  So that's it for what's been happening here this past week.  I'll be back next week with another installment of my life in pictures.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures, Ida! Angel looks like a baby lion! I probably will be wonder about his hair as Coleen too!
    Congratulations to your niece! I am so happy for your family!
    So sorry to hear about the thunderstorm...

  2. LOL...sorry to laugh, but this buzz cut is just too funny. I bet your furbaby feels a lot better. Good thing dogs aren't vain...hehehe

  3. Hi Ida! YOur dog is so darn cute with his funny hair-do. We have the same problem with our Bichon Frise. His hair is so coarse and it gets matted all the time and we are forced to get him shaved. We finally decided to buy a dog grooming kit because grooming cost is so expensive and our Bichon needs a lot of grooming and shaving.

    Congratulations to your niece! I think she'll do well on her state board. I went through it and thank goodness you only have to do it once. . ever. LOL! Actually, it takes a lot to not pass the exam so I think she'll pass it no problem.


  4. Oh My You have been busy!!! The sweet pup reminds me of the last dog I had...we had to shave her every summer...LOL..Congrats to your niece!! I know you are all proud of her !!