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Jun 22, 2009

My Life - Pictures of the week

Time Flies! - Here we are again at the start of another week and I'm a day late for sharing,   My Life - Pictures of the Week.  It was just a BUSY week and with yesterday being Father's Day I waited until this morning to get my pictures ready to share.  Here they are without further ado.  No that is not my hair (I wish I had such curly hair)...Last Sunday evening Greta and Coleen were over and she was playing with Coleen's hair when she happened to notice something seemed odd about her hair.  That's when she discovered that Coleen had cut her hair.  It seems that while mommy was busy she found some scissors and went into the bathroom and cut her hair.  We ask her why she cut her hair and her reply was,  "Because it was just too, too, too Long!"  -  Then I ask her what she did with the hair  she cut off and she said, "Threw it in the garbage."  I'm not sure her mom wanted to cry or laugh about it.  The hair here is what we took off the back because that was the only part Coleen couldn't reach.  She actually got her hair pretty even on the sides as you can see in my next photo.  Not bad for only being 4 years old.  We've told her though that from now on if she thinks her hair is getting to long she is to tell mommy and mommy will take her to the Beauty Shop for a haircut!
This next picture is another photo of our cat, Harley.  He loves to lay in the bathroom sink.  He's so huge he barely fits but doesn't he look regal here.  Coleen was playing with him so that is why all his "toys" are laying up on the sink.  We have 4 other cats so eventually I'll be posting pictures of them too as I snap interesting shots of them.  
This past week was fun because we had a chance to meet a new family member.  My nephew, Michael who is in the Army and stationed in NC right now got married last year and we were not able to attend the wedding so we had never had the chance to meet his new wife.  They had some leave time and traveled up this way to visit family.  They were able to stop in for just about an hour (not near enough time) for a quick visit.  I took this picture of the two of them in my mom's front yard.  Michael hates to have his picture taken and usually makes a silly face but he cooperated for me and this is the result.  His wife, Kacie is really sweet and very easy to talk with.  I hope they will be able to come back again and stay a little longer as I really enjoyed visiting with them.

Have you ever seen such a messy face!  Right after Michael and Kacie left we drove out to Klicker's Produce store and picked up yet another 1/2 flat of strawberries and some fresh cherries.  Coleen loves both fruits and as you can see she had a grand time eating them.  Reminds me of clown make-up for some reason!
Wednesday when I went in to get my Allergy shot as I was getting ready to leave my niece, Krissy walked in so I spent a little time chatting with her and I was joking with her about her ever getting a "ring" from her boyfriend, Eric when she just popped out with the news that she was getting one on Friday.  I was so excited but she made me promise not to tell her Grandma so I had to keep it a secret until Saturday.  Believe me that was not easy as I have never been one to be able to keep exciting news from my mom but I did it!  They were able to come over and show off her ring on Saturday so I took this picture of them.  I took one of the ring as well but alas I am so not a great photographer and it was to blurry to really see how lovely her ring is.  No date yet for the wedding but we are still happy and excited for them.  Finally I leave you with a picture of the finished flower bed at our new church.  My mom and I planted the flowers on Saturday and our first service there will be this coming Sunday (June 28th).  You can see the weedy looking bed in this post:  http://faithartistry.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-life-pictures-of-week_14.html - I think you'll agree this looks so much better.  That's it for this week.  I hope you have enjoyed my little photo journey of my life in pictures.  Have a great day.

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  1. Coleen is so creative! She maybe cut her hair, but she did a great job with it!
    She looks so cute with the "berry" face!
    I am so glad for your nephew Michael! They look so happy togetjer! And what an exciting news Krissy brought to you!
    Big difference with the flower bed!