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Jun 14, 2009

My Life - Pictures of the week

Hello Friends and Visitors - Welcome to yet another week of, My Life - Pictures of the Week.  I must warn you that this week some of the photo's are not the best of quality.  I have a really simple HP Camera and it doesn't take the best of pictures plus a few of those being shown I did not take so the person behind the camera is responsible for the quality of those photo's.

One of my favorite things about summer here where I live is fresh produce that is locally grown.  My favorte fruit of all time is grown here in our valley...Strawberries so rich and delicious.  I bought my first half flat of the summer (we're on the 2nd now) and made Strawberry shortcake right away. YUM!!!                                                                                                
My week was pretty quiet really but I did have a Stamp Club meeting that I had to prepare for and on top of that I was recovering from some kind of summer sinus/respirtory infection so I didn't feel real well most of the week.  I took a few flower photo's.  The red lily is in my mom's flower bed and the Clematis is on my side of the driveway.  That thing went CRAZY blooming this year.
Saturday my mom and I helped to weed out the flower beds in front of the new building our church will be moving into in a couple of weeks.  We worked for about 3 hours there yesterday (Boy was I sore later).  We then bought flowers and will be planting them this coming week.  I'll have a picture of the flowers next week hopefully.

I'm going to leave you with a picture of one of the cards we made at the stamp club meeting.  We used the Friends 24-7 stamp set.  The DP is Parisian Breeze.  
Maybe this week will be more exciting.  I hope you enjoy my photo's and don't find them to be to boring.


  1. Beautiful card! I really enjoy your photos. It's nice to see a slice of your life.

  2. Ida, such a beautiful card but I have to admit it was the strawberry shortcake that had me drooling! Thanks for sharing your week with us.

  3. Beautiful flowers you have! Strawberry shortcake looks so good!
    Really loved your card! Gorgeous!
    Looking forward for the next Monday pictures!

  4. Oh your flowers are so pretty...I can't believe how far along your season is already! That card is a beauty...great mix of blues and browns!