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Aug 5, 2008

4 and 20 Blackbirds Baked in a Pie

Did you really think there were going to be blackbirds in a pie here!

Okay so this isn't about the song but hey I couldn't come up with anything related to blackberries that was as clever.

So here is my granddaughter Coleen helping to bake her very first pie! (She's only 3 1/2). 

First photo we are dumping the blackberries into the measuring cup.

Next up is pouring in the sugar. After that I showed her how to cut shortening into the flour.  She actually thought that was a lot of fun.
Then she learned how to roll out the dough and cut in the air vent.Doesn't she look dangerous!  After that we pinched the pie shell together.
Let me tell you she was having the time of her life and Grandma was having fun too.  I think children should learn to cook at an early age and not from a box or mix either.  That's great for saving time but there is something to be said for learning to cook from scratch and it taste so much better too.
So here we are with the finished pie and then of course we had to eat it.  YUM YUM.  I hope you have enjoyed this pictorial on Coleen's first blackberry pie baking experince.


  1. Such sweet pictures, Ida! I agree about kids learning to cook - my kids always thought it was great fun! She's storing up lots of happy memories.

  2. Absolutely adorable Ida. You are so right about getting them in the kitchen early and such a great job for granny!!! You must start scrapping a recipe book for Coleen, such wish I had a hunk of that pie and big glass of milk right now!

  3. Colleen is precious and you are such a great Grandma!
    I'm with Rose, a big piece of that pie would be great right now!!

  4. oh my goodness! She is so cute! Should I bring some Ice Cream when I come over so we can eat A la mode?

  5. Love the photos Ida. How cute is she?!!