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Aug 18, 2008

$630 Worth The Rubberband! - Not for the squeamish

It's Monday and that usually means it's time for a "Cattitude Monday" entry.  I had high hopes of getting a card ready as I just recently received an adorable cat image that I planned to use for my entry but alas my plans were altered for this week.

Instead I bring you another tale (or "tail" ) of our own furry household.  Be warned that this photo is going to be GROSS so don't look if you are squeamish at all.

Saturday night our little furry buddy, Harley decided to get sick again and upchucked another piece of a rubberband (We have no clue where he found this one).  At any rate he continued to get sick throughout the evening and into the night.  I was up pretty much every hour on the hour as he was pretty sick and I had to get up and check on him, clean up the mess and make sure he was okay before I'd crawl back into bed.  At 6:00 am we made the decision to call the On-Call Emergency Vet and have him looked at.  The Vet had to take X-rays to determine what was wrong but she was pretty sure he still had something in his stomach so we agreed to surgery to find out. 

This is what was inside his stomach and had started to work into his intestines.  Pretty Gross, huh?  It's the rest of the rubberband, a small stick and a bunch of hair and thread.  Disgusting! 
I am happy to report that Harley was able to come home this morning. Here is a picture of him looking pretty "sassy" after he got home.
He's been doing pretty good since he got home but he's winding down and resting right now.  It was quite an ordeal.  While the Vet had him under she offered to Neuter him for only an extra $10 so I guess the title of this should have been $620 dollars worth the rubberband!
Lastly a picture of his incision.  He'll be on Antibiotics for a few days and also a laxative formula so he can clear out all the junk he couldn't while he was plugged up with that nasty rubberband.
Guess you know that we are going to be EXTRA careful now to keep him out of rubberbands, strings, thread, etc...as the vet said they can be repeat offenders and believe me we know because if you remember this post you'll know this isn't the first time he's ever done this but hopefully it will be his last time.  We're just happy to have him home safe and sound.


  1. OMGoodness! I can't believe the cat would eat a rubberband! What an ordeal! I'm glad he's feeling better though... hopefully he'll stay away from the rubberbands in the future!

  2. Ooooooooh, poor kitty!! He MUST be related to some of the kitties we have around the farm! =) He's sure a cutie, too!! Hope he heals up well!

  3. I am so glad he is feeling better. That is so scary, my cat and dogs both eat rubber bands! So weird. They also eat garland and such form the Christmas tree which can do the same thing. Hope he is all better soon.

  4. I am so glad that he is feeling better and back home. You know that I am not a fan of cats, but I don't want to see a kitty suffer or you be sad. We all love our fur babies!

  5. Poor little Harley... I am glad he is doing better now! Hope he will stay away from those rubberbands!

  6. Geez, what those doggone cats won't get into, huh? I hope your baby is feeling better! I love his "smile" in the picture!