Apr 9, 2007

Cattitude Monday - Good News Card

Happy Monday! - Well being that is was Easter weekend and I also caught a cold while trying to recover from a Sinus Infection (do I hear little violins playing?) I was unable to stamp at all so no stamped card today :o( for Cattitude Monday. However I have a card to share, This card is titled, "Good News" and was put out by SummerTree Press. The art work was done by Mark Weissbach. I love this card. Can you just imagine being this cat and thinking that the rain drops were really fish falling from the clouds! The colors are so fun in this card & the fish are a nice shiny embossed gold which really adds to the card. I love the expression on the cat's face.

May all our dreams be this good!

1 comment:

Julie Phillips said...

This cat looks like he's in heaven or dreaming of it!