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Apr 9, 2007

Easter Darling

Well I just can't get enough of this little girl. Yep, it's my granddaughter, Coleen. She is my all time favorite subject to photograph. Such a little "ham" for the camera and just about as cute as you can be. Of course I might be slightly biased on that account being that I'm the "Grandma" but I think you might agree with me that she really is a "cutie pie." Her mom did her hair with the cutest little braids on the side (which don't show in the photo) but her hair is naturally curly and tends to be fly away hair so the braids helped to keep it under control. The dress was bought by Great Grandma and has butterflies on it (Coleen loves butterflies). Her Easter basket is a lady but that Grandma Ida (that's me) bought her last year. She's been called, "The Bug" since the day she was born. I tell her it's because she's a "LOVE BUG!"

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  1. Colleen is a cutie and that is my fave girl name!! Yep, I don't think you are biased!