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Apr 29, 2007

Cattitude Monday - Born To Be Wild

No Stamped Card today but you've got to LOVE this card (well at least I do). This is a card from my "cat" card collection. It's by Leanin' Tree and the artist name is, Don Roth. He titled this particular illustration, "Touring Tabby." - I just love all the little "details" on this card. Check out the little mouse (complete with biker gear) on the front of the bike. Then on the side's of the card you have cat's taking photographs of each other and a cat fishing off the bridge. It's a very whimsical card.

Since my hubby is an "Avid" Harley rider and has manage to get me on the bike a time or two this card is so fitting for us. Yesterday we had the chance to take the bike out for a little spin. We drove over to the Wildhorse casino for a little gambling. Notice I said a "little" gambling as we rarely go over there and when we do we don't take all that much money with us as we usually end up losing it all. We each had $60 and I took $10 out of my stash as well to play the slots on. I seem to have pretty decent luck on these things and have gotten smarter over the years at knowing when to cash my credits it. I'm happy to say that I actually came out ahead and ended the day with $107.50 to my credit!! (More money for stamps!)

We had a nice meal at the Denny's in Pendleton, OR before heading on home. It was a nice day out and I was plenty warm in my leather jacket. Now I just need to get those weird looking leather chaps and a pair of decent riding shoes & before long you can call me, "Biker Mama!"

Have a great Monday. Ida

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