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Jul 14, 2007

How does your garden grow

Today's post is Non-Stamping related but hey this blog is about more then just stamping. I took some time off today from stamping & did some much needed work in my flower beds. The photo's you see in my header are pictures from my flower beds & my mom's (we live next door to each other). Of course when one has a flower garden there is always work to be done in them. The WEEDS seem determine to over take my poor Rose bed but my WONDERFUL husband took the time this morning to weed the entire bed out for me. Of course I couldn't just let him do all that work by himself so I managed to weed out one of the front beds since it was still in the shade. We've been having a "Heat Wave" here the last 2 weeks with temperatures in the upper 90's & into the 100's so I haven't felt much like weeding my beds at all since I don't handle the heat well. Thankfully this morning it wasn't to bad and we managed to get something done. I'm sharing a couple of photos of the beds after they were weeded. I sure wish I would have taken "before" shots so you could have seen how hideous they looked with all those weeds. If you look closely at the Rose Bed photo you can see the other side of the yard with tons of weeds still left in that bed waiting to be weeded. I'm just glad I had help but there are still several beds left to weed. Oh well, I'm waiting for another COOL day to do that. Ida

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