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Jul 2, 2007

Learning to Bowl

I took some time off today from stamping to go take my Granddaughter Coleen out bowling. It was her very first time. She's 2 1/2 so naturally wasn't able to hold the ball the normal way but she had a lot of fun. Her mom took most of these pictures and I don't think we had the settings on the camera the right way but you get the general idea. They put up the bumper's for her & she got a 53! - I had done a super STUPID thing earlier as when we first went to the alley they weren't open and then we went back again and they had a group bowling so we had to go back home the 2nd time and wait till 2:30 before we could get a lane. Well I don't why but I left my ball in the van the entire time and when I got it out to bowl it was just covered with an oily substance and was gross. They gave me a rag to wipe it down but it didn't help much and I could not seem to get the hook I normally do and ended up with an 83 (shh don't tell anyone). How embarrasing! I have league tomorrow so I certainly hope after cleaning my ball off it rolls better. My hubby said I may have ruined but I'm hoping not as I really don't want to get a new ball again.

Enjoy Coleen's pictures, she had a lot of fun bowling.

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