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Jul 11, 2007


Remember as a kid playing the game of, "Tag" where you would touch someone and then they had to run tag someone else? Lots of fun. Well "bloggers" play tag a little differently. I was "tagged" by Leigh O'Brien (my first time ever being tagged). For this round I'm to tell you 7 things about myself & then tag 7 other bloggers to do the same. So here goes:

#1 - My most embarrassing moment in life was in high school walking home when a carload of guys kept circling the block whistling & yelling at me. About the 4th time around the block I figured something must be up & sure enough my dress had hiked up in the back and my backside (underwear) was fully exposed. Talk about not wanting to go to school the next day!
#2 - I don't know if this is something that not very many people know about me or not but I love cats (have 4 of them) but I am allergic to them. I've been taking allergy shots for 6 years now because I'd rather do that then not have a furry feline in my house to love.
#3 - I've been married twice & engaged 3 times and was asked to marry someone after only knowing them a couple of weeks (I turned him down).
#4 - My favorite movie of all time is, "Gone With The Wind", I can just hear you all saying right now, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a Damn!"
#5 - I hate flying. The last time I flew anywhere was in 1998 when my mom & I flew back to Virginia to visit one of her pen-pals rented a car & drove to Georgia to visit another one. I was certain that the pilots on that small commuter plane in Virginia tried to kill me. It was only turbulence but scared me to death & I haven't wanted to fly since.
#6 - I have UGLY feet - Now isn't that something you were just dying to know. My toenails are really short and some are damaged so they don't grow properly and then I have eczema on the bottoms of my feet that cause them to peel all the time. It's painful when that happens but can be controlled with medication.
#7 - My favorite actor is Robert Redford - I've seen all his movies, even the duds. He's got class & sex appeal by the miles in my opinion.
Okay that's a few little "ditties" about me. Now it's time to tag 7 lucky bloggers:
Wendy (I recently discovered her blog & enjoy it a lot), Kim another fun new blog I've recently discovered, Kendra, I like her blog, Sara who recently won blog candy on my blog, Melissa another new blog I found recently, Sarah and Maggie fellow members of the Bloggers Challenge group. Okay ladies, have fun & I hope you don't mind being tagged. Ida

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