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May 4, 2007

7 things about me

Okay, I'm going to jump in on the FUN and post these things about myself. This has been going around on other blogs where you "tag" 7 people and they tell you 7 things about themselves and tag 7 more people. The general consensus from most blogs was that almost everyone had already been tagged (I wasn't) so if you hadn't been you were to just post the 7 things anyway.
So here goes & hopefully people will read this and know a little more about me.

1. I was born & have practially lived my entire life here in Walla Walla. With the exception of the first 5-6 years of my life when we lived in Oregon. I've been here since 1961 though. I've never wanted to live anywhere else either.

2. I use to be so shy that I hated talking to anyone I didn't know on the telephone. One time when I called the theater to find out what movies were playing I hung up because I got an actual person and was scared to ask them what was playing, that's how shy I was.

3. I can't stand Watermelon. My parents discovered early on in my life after I threw up from eating it that I just didn't care for watermelon. Even the smell nauseates me. When my family eats it I have to sit in a different room or away from them to avoid getting sick.

4. I'm terrible at most sports. I was the one that was "always" picked last for things like softball, basketball, volleyball etc...About the only sport (if you consider it a sport) that I'm halfway decent at is, Bowling.

5. I was once told how "gullible" I am (not so much true anymore). In fact someone once asked me what time it was in the Metric system and my reply was, "How should I know?" They almost died laughing when they told me time isn't part of the Metric system.

6. Even though I was always terrible at math I can remember tons of telephone numbers, and memorize license plate numbers as well.

7. I wanted to be a movie star when I was little and was always playing make-believe with my friends. In fact I had my movie star stage name picked out, Kitty Kay Taylor. (I have no clue why I picked that out other then I liked the sound of it.)

Well if you've enjoyed this please leave a comment. It was fun sharing those little tidbits.



  1. Sounds like you were about as shy as I used to be! My mom used to say that I was so shy I wouldn't say "Boo!" to a fencepost! : ) (Boy, that's an old saying!) Can't believe I now get up & sing with a women's group at Church, lead a Bible study group of 16 women & feel confident doing it!!! Only God can do that! I feel so sorry for newcomers at church or elsewhere that now I go up to them & speak first. I remember what it was like when I was so shy & quiet.

  2. Hey Ida,
    I've had issues with being "quiet" too. It takes time to warm up to people but once I do they probably find me overwhelming with my constant chatter. I think that "to date" you are the only person I know that doesn't like watermelon. For me, it's brussel sprouts and some fruit(can't remember the name of it) that is creamy and ultra sweet that grows in South America--YUK!!


  3. Oh Ida, that is so sad about the watermelon!!!! One of the fruits I could take a bath in. While on cruise we even had watermelon soup for dinner. I can picture you as shy and guillible but theres nothing wrong with that, although I can't imagine a shy person wanting to be a movie star!!! Oh my word, I can't imagine writing down seven things about me. This was fun and informative! Rose