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May 25, 2007


A few of my subscribers may have received a personal e-mail from me regarding checking out my blog. The reason being is that no one has left any comments yet on my most recent post & I'm wondering if you are getting your updates through Feed Blitz or not? - If you are then why has no one posted a comment? I'd like to at least know that people are reading my enteries and what they think of them from time to time.

I'd love to hear your "favorite memories" that make you smile which is what my last post was about so go take a look & leave a comment.

I promise not to personally e-mail people all the time but for this once I wanted to make sure my post are getting through.

Hugs, Ida


  1. I have got some of them and have posted on some as well. Tammy

  2. Ok, this made me laugh out loud a lot. I had gotten your blog update threw my e-mail, then saw your post about you had updates on your site, so I emailed back for a link, then clicked on link, & it broguth me back here, where I had just posted a comment not long ago about what makes me smile. I think this takes the cake for me for a few days. I am just laughing & laughing.


  3. Hey I did get just this one about 4:30 pm so thought I would let you know!

  4. Hi Ida,
    Well, my husband says he can't figure out why I can't email you (yours is the only link I've ever found that won't work!) If other people are using it, then I guess it's something on our end - very strange! Guess you'll have to draw another winner for those cute cards. Thanks for trying anyway. I'll keep on reading your blog & trying that pesky email from time to time - Peggy

  5. Dear Ida,
    One of my most recent favorite memories is going out to dinner with 3 of my lifelong girlfriends. We went into the mountains of Montana, had a wonderful steak dinner at a creek side restaurant with wine and the most decadent chocolate cake. Lots of laughs and sharing, it was very special! Hugs Julie

    Ps.... I just got back from that trip and got your wonderful cards in the mail, thank you so much for thinking of me, you're a special lady!