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May 30, 2007

Life with a 2 1/2 year old

Can anyone guess what might have caused this little girl to look like this?
Let me tell you what happened...Monday there was a message left on our answering machine as follows: "Mom, can you tell me how to get Vaseline out of some one's hair? Call me when you get home."

So I call our daughter back knowing full well who the "someone" was she was referring to. It seems that our little granddaughter, Coleen had gotten into her diaper bag while mom was in the kitchen and smeared (it turned out to be Vick's) in her hair! Greta tried washing Coleen's hair several times before she called but the stuff just wouldn't come out She brought her down to our place & we washed her hair. We've tried, dish soap, shampoo & I read on the Internet to pat Cornstarch into the hair before shampooing it. That's what you see in this photo. It did help to some extent. Then today we tried baby powder (big mistake) as that seemed to cake in the hair more. She's had her head washed about 25 times now since Monday & it's still rather greasy feeling. I guess in time we'll get it clean but for now we're just calling her our little, "greaser."

Isn't life with a 2 1/2 year old fun! - I love being a Grandma though and she is a sweet child, just very active.


  1. Oh boy - I'd forgotten how much one that age can get into when we're not watching! And they're so QUICK! Hope it all comes out of her hair soon. I can't remember hearing about anything that would do the trick or I would share it!

  2. Ida, as weird as this sounds, peanut butter works. Then wash with shampoo that does not have conditioner in it.
    been there, done that Ü

  3. haha. kids do the funniest things sometimes. but 25 times!! that's a lot of hair-washing!! at least her hair would be a little conditioned. :)