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May 21, 2007

God's Beautiful Creation

Aren't these roses STUNNING! - These are 2 of the roses in my rose bed and also my favorites. The red rose is called, Black Garnet. This particular bush has a very special meaning to me since it came from my parents old place (the house where I grew up at). When my dad passed away and my mom sold the place the realtor told us to dig up anything we wanted prior to her selling the place so we took several of her rose bushes and planted them at our house. This one has HUGE blooms and as they age the petals take on an almost black color and look very velvety. It doesn't have much of a scent but it's a looker for sure.
The second rose is called, Magic Lantern. It almost "glows" with color. My daughter loves this rose. It has a very "fruity" scent to it and is just so pretty. I love this picture because you can actually see a few little rain droplets on it. It's overcast & COLD today here - Brrr. I hope it warms up again soon.
I love my roses and hope you enjoy these photo's of them too.
Have a great week. - Ida

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